Driving home in a storm can be an amazing experience.

Excerpt of the short story “Crystal Canyon” from “Cosmic Tales” by J.S. Hernandez.

Crystal Canyon

It is a stormy night and the rain is coming down hard and the sky is lit up with lightning as it splits the horizon.  Joey holds the wheel steady as he heads down the road.  The rain is almost intolerable.  The radio suddenly lets out a loud sustained beep and then says, “This is the Emergency Broadcast System.  The weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning.  This storm is highly dangerous due to the high likelihood of lightning strike.  We advise all of you to shelter in place for the next two hours.”  Joey looks at the radio and says, “Thanks for telling me, I could have used this information two hours ago.”  The car rolls over the hill and heads down into Crystal Canyon Pass.

Suddenly, he sees a bright flash of light and a shock rolls through his arms and legs.  All of a sudden, he wakes up on a boat in the middle of the sea.  “Row faster! Row faster!”  Says the voice.  “We almost got’em!”  Joey looks behind him and sees five men rowing.  Then he looks to the right and the left and sees other boats rowing and men standing at the front with huge harpoons.  “Now!”  The man throws the harpoon into the back of a huge sperm whale.  Then in succession, two and three pierce the whale.  The beast rolls to the right and then the left.  Suddenly it dives deep into the sea and the spools of rope quickly unwind at an alarming rate and then stops.  Feeling the slack in the rope, the sailor says, “We lost him.  The harpoon must have come loose.”  The crew starts to spool in the rope and then suddenly a sailor screams.  “What the hell!”  The sea splits open as the sperm whale rams the bottom of the boat splitting it in two.  Joey feels the spray of the sea on his face and finds himself flipping head over heels and splash into the water.  He looks to his left and sees the whale towering to the sky.  The whale is black as night and covers the sun.  Joey is in the shadow of the beast and starts swimming but it is too late.  He feels the full force of the whale crushing him.  His eyes are wide as saucers as he sinks deeper and deeper into the sea.  He feels a sharp pain in his hip.

He looks down and sees he is wearing a green uniform and he has just been nicked by a bullet.  Someone yells at him to, “Get down!”  Still in shock he stumbles to his right and sees flashes on the ridge as bullets spray.  “I said get down!”  He feels a pull on his rear and falls backwards into the foxhole.  “You ok, Wilson?”  The sand around the foxhole dances with bullets and the smell of death is in the air.  “Wilson, you better get that looked at.”  Another spray of bullets hits the sand and a man screams, “Get down!  Incoming!”  A huge plume of fire engulfs the foxhole and the jungle behind them.  You can barely breath with the smell of napalm. He can feel the napalm on his back burning through his clothes.  He rolls up like a ball as another bomb lands.  He feels the full force of the bomb and screams, “No!.”


…Continued in “Cosmic Tales”.


© J.S. Hernandez. All Rights Reserved.