A mysterious sound causes violent killings all over the world. Agent Lonestar and Lopez lead a elite team and soon find out there is something more lurking in the darkness.

Excerpt of the short story “The Hum” from “Cosmic Tales” by J.S. Herandez.

The Hum

It is a cold winter night and the snow gently falls as the lights reflect off the street gleaming with the joy of Christmas.  As he wakes up from the bed at 2:00 am, you would think that he was putting the presents under the tree or drinking the milk and eating the cookies the kids left for Santa.  But no… he reaches for the shotgun over the mantel.  He cocks it and walks into the boys room and says, “Forgive me, but I must save you from it!”  He pulls the trigger twice and kills both of his sons.  Then his wife screams and runs from her bedroom and he lifts the shotgun and pulls the trigger and shoots her in the head.  He then puts it under his chin and pulls the trigger.

The police pull up on the spot.  He had called 911 to ask them for help.  The policeman walks into the house and sees the bodies.  He then goes to his police car and informs the station.  “Car 51 reporting in, we have an entire family dead out here.”  The dispatcher responds. “We received a 911 call from that house about 30 minutes ago.”  The officer says, “Please play that call for me.”  The dispatcher says, “ok”.  The phone call plays, “I need help!  It’s driving me crazy!  It’s in my head and it won’t stop.  It’s coming and I must protect my family.”  The operator says, “Just calm down…What is driving you crazy?”  The man says, “It’s the hum” and then the call hangs up.  The cop looks up and sees a sedan drive up.  He thinks to himself, “Who is that?”  He then presses the button on his shoulder and says.  “Car 51 requesting back up.”  The dispatcher responds, “Car 51, back up is on the way.”

The cop sees two men in black suits get out of the car.  The cop says, “You two out on Christmas Eve?  Now that is what I call dedication.”  One of the two men say, “Officer we will take it from here.”  The officer responds, “This is a crime scene and I have backup on the way.  We need to examine this.”  The two men look at each other and say in unison.  “We are the backup.”  The cop then receives a dispatch.  “Attention car 51 federal agents will be on the scene and will have prime.  After their arrival you will fall back to headquarters.”  The cop looks up at the agents.  “Looks like the crime scene is yours.”  He pulls out of the driveway and starts driving down the street.  As he leaves, five vans and two more sedans arrive in the scene.  The agents go inside the house and the vans have people in lab coats getting out with all kinds of complex equipment.  After a few hours the lab coats report to the agents.  “We have collected blood, DNA, finger prints, magnetic and acoustical imaging.  This site tested positive.  The agents get on the phone.  “We have a positive reading on site.”

Back in Quantico, a black chopper is taking off.  “Take me to the latest site,” a voice says.  Back at the site the agents are going over the data collected.  As they look closely at the magnetic and acoustical data,  “Perkins, do you see the acoustical curve at 1:30?”  Perkins grabs the paper and looks at it.  “It looks like we have a match for the Sleeping Lady.”  The chopper lands and a man gets out and then it quickly takes off.  A man is there standing in a grey western cut suit with peanuts in his hands, a big Colt 45 on his hip, boots and a badge on his belt.  He cracks open some peanuts and tosses them into his mouth and says in a Texas droll as he walks towards the house.  “Ok boys what ya got?”  The lab coats flood around him with various data.  “Ok, ok one at a time” he says.  One scientist says, “We detect ELF waves”.  Another says “the blood tests are positive.”  Then one shouts, “The readings are two times more powerful than the Navy Yard!”  The man from the chopper says, “Ok everyone go back to what you were doing.  Everyone except you.  What’s your name?”  The woman pushes back her glasses and stands strait up and says, “Lopez, sir”.  He then cracks open a couple of peanuts and says, “Let’s take a walk.”  They walk towards the house while the site is being cleaned and he says, “Lopez, you seem to be a bright bulb.  I’m going to need some assistance on the project.  You better pack your things because we are relocating to a secure site.  You have twelve hours to take care of your business and get to headquarters.”  Lopez is very pleased and surprised to get the assignment.  She almost resigned herself to being in the lab for the rest of her life.  “Thank you for the assignment.  I better get going.  I have to make arrangements for my cat, Jlo.  Do we have a time frame for how long I will be gone?  I have to buy cat food.”  The man turns around and says, “Lopez just consider that a need to know item and you do not need to know.”  She smiles and says, “ok, big bag then.”


…Continued in “Cosmic Tales”.


© J.S. Hernandez. All Rights Reserved.