If crime is your problem, he is the solution.

Excerpt of the short story “King” from “Cosmic Tales” by J.S. Herandez.


It is the day after the Mega Bowl. Las Vegas is hung over after the triumphant win by the hometown team. Who would have thought that Las Vegas could make this kind of run on the first year in the new stadium. In an amazing game the Vegas Gold stunned the Los Angeles Stars in a come from behind win in the 4th quarter. The city was rocking! The strip was electric all week. On Mega Bowl weekend before the game the city took a mountain of money as everyone in the world arrived and money flowed like water down Niagara Falls.

During Mega Bowl week the city was tight as a drum. Cops were out on the street and the Department of Homeland Security had the city wired looking for terror threats to the game and making sure that everything went off without a hitch. The entire operation went off without any problems. No major threats to the game and the cops had a good week with modest numbers that did not alarm anyone. Las Vegas for a brief moment was untouchable. The prior decade had been rough for the city. Robberies, murder and drugs had long dogged the city. As the city rode the good fortune of the Vegas Gold pro football team and the new stadium, so rose the hopes of the city.

The mayor of Las Vegas and the Governor are attending a celebratory breakfast with the police department. Mayor Martinez approaches the podium and adjusts the microphone. He shouts to the police department. “What a game! I am proud to be your mayor. Last week Vegas regained the spotlight as the Entertainment Capitol of the World! Now we can add the Las Vegas Gold as Champions of the World! Governor there were a lot of doubts about us building this new stadium. We could not have built it without you! Ladies and gents let’s give a big Vegas welcome to our Governor, Karen Kain!” The crowd erupts with applause and everyone stands. The Governor approaches the podium and says, “I want to be the first to congratulate the City of Las Vegas as Mega Bowl Champions”. The crowd claps and then a cell phone goes off, then another and another soon the entire room is ringing. Suddenly police commissioner Washington taps the governor on the shoulder and she steps aside. “We have an emergency! All police units respond. Five armored trucks have been hit at World Market Center!” The police start filing out of the complex and into the parking lot. Suddenly they are met with a hail of bullets. Commissioner Washington calls for more backup. The Governor orders her personal guard to assist the police as she is rushed out of the room.


…Continued in “Cosmic Tales”.


© J.S. Hernandez. All Rights Reserved.