When knowing what to do becomes second nature.

Excerpt of the short story “The Experiment” from “Cosmic Tales” by J.S. Hernandez.

The Experiment

It is a busy day as the Halls of Science are filled with workers packing crates, people gathering final readings on their scientific equipment and others heading to the shuttles.  The Halls of Science are gleaming glass buildings that contain the knowledge of all that is.  The glass of the halls are glowing with a orange hue and the mercury is approaching 150 degrees.  The sky is orange with plumes of grey.  The ozone is gone and the magnetic field is weak.  The poles have shifted and the oceans are dead.  Fish and animals are rare.

Two men walk around the corner one a military officer and the other in a lab coat.  “Smith, are we going to make the deadline?  Keeping the crops alive and thriving has been a real task, but we have prepped the vault and it has been shipped as scheduled.”  Smith smiles and slaps him on the back and says, “Chin, I always knew you were the man for the job!  The vault is one of the most important parts of this experiment.  We need to make sure that the next phase is pulled off without any problems.  The vault holds the keys to success for our continuing mission.  Generations of us have all played roles in this and your line has been one of the most important over the centuries.  You ever wonder why you became a scientist?”  Smith laughs as Chen turns around and says, “I became a scientist because I like love science and technology.”  Smith smiles and says, “Your right!  Your entire line are scientists playing key roles.  My line has played key roles in times of great change just like this one.”


…Continued in “Cosmic Tales”.


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