The Space League is faced with a rebellion on one of it’s major ports. The Star Destroyer Aries is dispatched to quell the rebellion. They find something much more dangerous when they arrive…

Excerpt of the short story “Rebellion on Europa” from “Cosmic Tales” by J.S. Herandez.

Rebellion on Europa

Space has been privatized and the Earth has colonies on various planets and moons.  The privation of space has created a booming economy of mining, food production, water transportation, waste disposal, defense and tourism.  Jupiter is a major hub of trade and commerce and Europa has become a destination for space truckers, vacationers, mines, factories and defense stations.  The strength of Europa is in it’s natural resources.  Large colonies have been built with special domes lined with filtered polymers that screen out the radiation.  These domes have been built with special flexible characteristics due to the mean motion resonance of Europa.  The rapid growth has caused strains to the existing infrastructure.  A recent decision about colony expansion has caused a rift between the colonist and the Space League.  The Space League has chosen to put additional resources into the Outer Rim of the galaxy to protect the Space League colonies from a Reptilian invasion rather than an additional city near the Pwyll Crater.  The colonist were depending on additional space to build better living conditions for themselves with more amenities for the average worker.  In response Roman, the leader of the rebellion, called for riots against the Space League.  This caught the council completely by surprise.  There has been fires and vandalism to the many premier destinations.  Europa is about to enter the world of Cosmic Tales…

As a group of colonist approach the Starlite Beach one of them says, “Roman said that we need to cause as much disruption as possible so the council will grant us that additional city.  So you two hit those trash cans.  Drop these grenades into them and put a one hour timer on them.”  The two colonist look at the grenades and one of them asks, “Do we have to use grenades?  Where did you get them?”  Gilmore responds, “If we want these changes Roman says we need to go to extremes.  Drop those grenades in the trash cans.  The colony will be bustling in a few minutes.  This is for all of us to get a bigger slice of the pie.”  The two colonist grab the grenades and go.  Gilmore gets on the coms and says, “Bishop to Knight come in please.”  A voice comes on the com, “This is Knight.”  Gilmore says, “The packages have been delivered to Starlite Beach.”  The voice responds, “Good now make sure the north dome and the east dome entrances are clear.  When those bombs go off they will evacuate the beach.  When they do, bring in our assets to occupy that dome.”

The Space League was formed when the colonies reached the one hundred mile stone.  They independently function as a governing body and defense system for the colonies and most importantly the Outer Rim.  The Reptilians have made several attempts to invade the colonies.  They are aggressive creatures that are extremely intelligent and feed not only of the flesh of humans but also their life energy.  The Space League has been watching the coverage of the upset colonist since the decision.  They have gathered together to discuss the issue.


…Continued in “Cosmic Tales”.


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